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Ms. Flawless  TakillaRene Combs

Living an organized life is challenging. “Turns out, not only is 54 percent of America overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have, but 78 percent have no idea what to do with it or find it too complicated to deal with so they let it build up, taking over their homes and offices,” according to Decluttr. My goal is to enlighten as many people as possible on the benefit of being organized to the point they take action and begin their organizing journey. My goal is also, to help people to see that hiring a professional organizer is not a luxury but a necessity.

Clutter causes anxiety and sleep deprivation amongst other things and this contributes to a lack of focus and productivity. One of my goals is to obtain a Master's in Psychology so that I am equipped to assist my clients on a deeper level. Helping them to understand how what is seen on the outside is reflective of what’s going on inside.


As your next Ms. Flawless Carolina Women Rock, I will work with individuals to help them begin the journey to declutter their spaces, their minds, and ultimately their lives.

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